Our lawyers cooperate intensely in preventative advice from a perspective of efficiency and added value concerning possible disputes of a civil and commercial nature. When this is not possible, given the circumstances of the case, our work is focused on defending the interests of our clients during conflict settlement procedures.

Companies and individuals receive our specialist advice in all phases of their difficulties, from pre-litigation negotiation and representation to representation in courts, tribunals and arbitration hearings.

Among the issues with which we work in this area are the following:

  • Ad hoc and institutional arbitration
  • Interpretation and fulfilment of all types of contracts
  • Extra-contractual, civil and professional liability
  • Liability for infringement of competition rules and unfair competition
  • Contractual responsibility: conflicts related to all types of civil and commercial contracts in any field and economic sector
  • Conflicts related to the ownership, possession, transmission and administration of movable and immovable property
  • Corporate conflicts: disputes in the interpretation and execution of agreements between shareholders, challenging agreements and decisions of corporate bodies, individual and corporate responsibilities of directors
  • Conflicts over industrial and intellectual property
  • Execution of judicial or extrajudicial titles and enforceable documents or titles
  • Execution of real and personal guarantees
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign judicial and arbitration judgments in Spain and vice versa
  • Payment and summary procedures
  • Infringement of the rights to honour, privacy and self-image
  • Hereditary and testamentary conflicts
  • Real actions (declaration of ownership, recovery of ownership, etc.)